Lightroom Presets

easily create dark and cold atmospheres in your images in just a few clicks !

In this pack you will find all the presets that I use on most of the photos I post on my Instagram account and in my portfolio.

Mainly inspired by the universes of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things I have been working on these presets for over a year and a half now with that dark and cold atmospheres that characterize my unique photographic style.

 Over time I have created hundreds of presets, improving them every day to make them as efficient as possible in as many situations as possible.

Henceforth, I put them online so that you can enjoy the fruits of my labor and save precious time during your editing process.

Why buy THIS presets pack ?

- Because I have a unique photographic style so you won't find these presets anywhere else.

- These are the presets that I personally use on my own images so I have had the opportunity to test them over and over again.

- Because my work is recognized by many other professional photographers.

- With this pack you will have the chance to see which settings I used on my best images and you will be able to apply them to your photos in just a few clicks.

Who am I ?

Vincent Crovi

French nature and landscape photographer, specialized in creating these dark and cold atmospheres that now characterize most of my work.

I like to imagine that I take my photos in another universe, a dimension parallel to ours, identical but much darker and this is what guides me throughout my editing process.

For those of you who don't know me yet

Here is a little part of my work...

These presets are for you if

- You like dark and cold atmospheres but you don't know how to go about it.

-You like to edit your photos but you don't have enough time for yourself.

- You don't want average presets but presets that will make you and your images stand out above the crowd.

- You want to progress faster and learn to edit like a pro.

- You need inspiration to be more creative and to diversify your work.

- You want to better organize your workflow to save precious time.

Some advice from a professional photographer

As a professional photographer, I spend a lot of time in Lightroom to edit all my images. So my presets allow me to work more easily and much faster.

But, each photo being unique, you cannot achieve a perfect result just by applying a simple preset in one click.

So here are some tips for using these presets properly

1 - Before applying one of my presets make sure to

  • Take your photos when the weather is cloudy or foggy, or during blue hours.

  • Keep your photos as simple as possible. Eliminate anything that doesn't add anything interesting to your image. Look at my photos, you will see that there are rarely more than three things in it, including the light. This is the best way to quickly improve your images.

  • Avoid very colorful subjects, they are not appropriate for this photographic style.

2 - After applying one of my presets make sure to

  • Lower the exposure of your image until you have this dark effect.

  • You can use the presets named "Tone" "Presence" "Curves" and "Vignetting" to quickly adjust each section.

  • Check that the highlights are not burnt out.

  • Pay attention to vignetting, it is deliberately strong in my presets so adjust it according to each image.

  • Make local adjustments using brush, radial filter and linear gradient. These adjustments are details but they make a huge difference.

  • Be curious, explore each setting and just have fun.

With these advice and these presets you now have all the keys to create images from another universe !

More information


63 presets

12 "full" presets and 51 presets to quickly adjust tone, presence, color, tone curves and vignetting (these latest presets can also be easily used to quickly edit any photo).

How to download the presets ?

Once purchased, you will receive a link to download the files directly on the thank you page, as well as a link via email. If you haven't received the link by email, consider looking in your Spam folder.

How to install the presets ?

Once downloaded, you will find, in the downloaded folder, a text file that explains how to import presets into lightroom.


  • Lightroom Classic (versions 7.3 and above)

  • Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile (XMP files for desktop and DNG files for mobile)

  • Camera Raw (Photoshop)

  • Work on Jpeg and Raw files, but I recommend to use Raw files to have the best quality and results.

Are you ready to create these dark and cold atmospheres in your own images ?

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